Benefit of UTO China Visa Service - Canada Passport Holder

This is article is for  Ontario Resident ONLY
Beginning on January 1st, 2019, all visa applicants to China in Canada will need to provide fingerprints in person at the Visa Application Center in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, or Vancouver. Due to the announcement of this new policy, we can only provide visa service to Ontario residents at the current moment.


If you apply for the China visa through UTO, you may benefit from the few points below.

  • A professional visa team to assist you on your request from start to finish
  • Make sure your documentation is accurately prepared
  • Assist with acquiring and completing all relevant documentation when applicable
  • No running back and forth between Embassy due to unprepared and unorganized documentation
  • Assist you in the China Visa Center to get the fingerprints submitted without any confusion




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