Link Order Together

The Link Order Together feature gives you the ability to link your friends and family's order together. You all will be traveling together as a group on the same bus and in the same hotel. UTO will also try the best to make sure you all will be flying on the same flight if you are booking under the same order. 


Link Order Together Feature

You can use the Link Order Together feature by following the steps below;

  1. Login to Your Account
  2. Click Order List
  3. Click Link Order Together button on your order list (see below)


Create a Group Link Order #

If you are the first one who confirm the order in your group, you can create the Group Link Order # and send it to your friends or family who book after you. They can enter the number to link together with you. 

Here is how to create the Group Link Order #

  1. Click Link Order Together button on your order list 
  2. Click Create A New # 
  3. Your Group Link Order # will display on the upper right corner of the same screen
  4. You can pass this number to your friends and family that you wish to travel together with 



Enter a Group Link Order #

if you got a Link Order # from your friends and family, you can enter the # on your own. 

  1. Click Link Order Together button on your order list 
  2. Enter the Group Link Order # which is given by your friend or family 



Due to the privacy reason, you can only invite others to join your group by giving them your Group Link Order #
You cannot add your invitees to your group from your account. Your invitees will have to manually enter your Group Link Order # on their login. 


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