Supporting Documents for China Visa (apply on your own) - U.S. Passport Holder

You will get the supporting documents (flight, hotel and the travel confirmation) to apply for the China visa  1 month prior to the departure date without any additional fees. This tour confirmation will be required to apply for the China Visa on your own.

If you require us to provide you with these supporting documents to apply for the Visa earlier, you can choose our premium service for $50 per application. You will get the supporting documents as soon as this service fee has been processed. For $50, we can prepare a stamped and signed supporting letter with the standard information on the itinerary and hotel confirmation (please note that those are not your finalized details for the trip, it’s only good for visa purpose only)  from our China agency side for you to submit the visa early on your own  but you still need to go to the consulate yourself.



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